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Hey, We're LA&E Design Co.


About 10 years ago we felt pretty burnt out and wanted to do something we truly loved, even if it was just on the side. Our little side hustle. We wanted to spend more time with our kids. Our family income took a hit and had to make some sacrifices as we invested in our new business (and it was tough!).But on the plus side we found ourselves with something we'd never had before.

T I M E .

So we started helping friends and family with their design projects, hoping to make enough extra cash to be able to take the kids to do fun things without having to check our bank account first. We began helping our friends and neighbors transform their homes to serve their families and their unique lifestyles. Most had never worked with an Interior Designer and didn't know that it didn't have to be intimidating or difficult. In fact, it could be really fun.

and then it grew from there...

Our Beliefs

We hold firm to the belief that beauty should be lived in.

A well-designed home has the power to offer tranquility, ignite creativity, and provide a haven of peace.

This sense of harmony will naturally radiate into every facet of your existence.

Your home, your talents, and even your favorite alcoholic beverage are meant to be shared and savored with cherished friends.


Prioritizing aesthetics over functionality. Everything must serve a purpose.

Standardized design solutions or blindly following fleeting trends.

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